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Dr Hema Mistry - Illuminance Skincare Range

I started my career in 1996 after graduating from Guy’s Hospital, University of London. I am passionate about the quality of dentistry I can provide and the patient experience around this care. Working in some excellent private practices and owning two of my own has taught me to create the perfect patient experience. My favourite kind of patients to work with are those who are particularly nervous about the dentist and require additional support and explanation to help them receive the care they need.

I have to say that I do love ‘mothering’ people. The thing about dentistry is that you can carve the perfect filling or make the perfect crown, but unless this work is completed at the front of the mouth, the patients cannot comment on the quality of their care from a dentistry point of view.

This is why wrap-around care is so essential to make the patient feel like the experience was five stars. So, for me, the whole experience should be amazing. Everyone should be welcoming and helpful from the ease of the Google search, endorsements on social media, the telephone call to the receptionist, and the non-clinical environment of the dental practice. After all, we are so lucky the patients are choosing us. Finally, the clinical environment should be furnished with the latest technology and comfortable in every way. This is for the comfort and skill of the clinical staff, thereby benefiting the patients as well.

The thing about dentistry is that it is never static, and you are required to change who you are as a provider to move with the technology, new materials, and new techniques. This, in particular, has kept my career fresh and exciting for me.

Modern-day dentistry is not only functional but also focused on aesthetics, and the scope of dentistry goes beyond just the mouth and the smile. Creating the smile, people desire affects their confidence and how they function socially and at work. You do see what significant influence the ‘humble’ dentist is able to have on the world.

Over the past decade, the provision of Facial Aesthetic treatments means you can work on the face even further with drugs such as BOTOX* and Azzulure and Dermal fillers used to reduce wrinkles.

When I started my dental career all those years ago, I would never have thought that the number of my patients would actually look younger and younger with each visit to the dentist. But this is the world we live in, and more and more patients are requesting a bit of non-surgical youthfulness.

In addition to providing dentistry, the patients that have followed me have become like my friends and family over the years. They are much more than just ‘customers’ to me. This relationship is key to providing the correct preventative advice that enhances the dental services we can provide. Spending time to get to know the habits of the patients means that you can tailor the toothbrushing or diet advice to best suit your patients. This means there will be greater compliance towards the advice and less invasive dentistry needed to be provided to the patients who have been cared for you in the long term.

It is also important to stay in touch with your dental audience when they are not with you in the dental surgery. This is where social media such as Instagram and Facebook are so important. And not to forget the old fashion methods of simply writing a letter or emailing. Communicating in this way means that the preventative messages that you provided at the dental visit can be reinforced.

Over the more recent years, I have been surprised at how many of my patients read my emails every month or know what is happening at the practice because of our social media posts. It is unfortunately still ‘not cool’ to engage with your dental practice on such platforms, but slowly, these barriers are being broken down, and we can make a real difference to people while they are sitting comfortably in their own homes.

I am very fortunate to provide dentistry in an environment where I am supported by the most skilled staff, nurses and non-clinical staff. This enables the perfect customer journey, happy patients, and a very happy dentist at the end of each day.

It has been my hobby and pleasure to try to make the world happier by fixing one smile at a time.

Hema x